Install Windows 8

1- Just unzip the iso image file to one of the hard disk but can’t be Disk for system  (usually be Disk C:\ ), then click the exe file called “Setup” -> You will get this box -> Preparing to installing.

- Just Click the next button.

- Preparing and just wait for minutes.

- Checking and waiting!

- Check the agree to the license agreement box and click the “Accept” button.

- Choose keep files or not then click the “Next” button.

- Check if you have to do anything first.

- Just click the “Install” button and you need waiting for copy files and restart.

- Windows 8 Start installing after the restart

- Windows 8 Restart again

- Getting Devices Ready 100%

When you see this screenshot, you have already installed the Windows 8.
Now you just need to do a series of setting.
Just choose a name for your PC.

- After finish the setting, Choose your User name and password.

- This is the screenshot before you login to the Windows 8.
Just click on it!

- The screenshot of Windows 8. Finish now!


2- How to install Windows 8 from dvd

- The first step you should record the ISO image to CD.

- Second Step,put the DVD  into drive and set PC boot from CD in BIOS. Then Restart!

- Just press any key on your keyboard when you see this

- Install Now!

- Setup is starting…

- Check the box to accept the license terms and click the “Next”

- Choose the “Custom(advanced)” to continue.

- Fdisk you hard disk.

- When you finished the Fdisk, just click “Next” button.

- Start installing now!

 3- How to install Windows 8 from USB

- Install Microsoft’s Windows7 USB DVD tool and run it. In the dialog box as below, Click “Browse” button and choose the Windows 8 ISO image file you’ve already downloaded then hit “Next”.

- When you see the dialog box as below, choose “USB device” button to continue.

- Select the USB flash drives you want to use from the drop-down menu, and click “Begin copying” button.

- Sit down and wait for Windows7 USB DVD tool formats the USB drive, and copy the Windows 8 file to the USB drive. When it finish, you can boot your PC from the USB Drive and start install Windows 8.

To install Windows 8 from a USB drive is easy as from DVD

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